Frequently Asked Questions

How do I navigate this website?

A website overview and tutorial is available on the Help page.

How do I submit a claim for damage to my vehicle?

Information on the claims process can be found online.

How do I find information on Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs)?

Information on certification can be found here. To find information about certified DBE firms, visit the Illinois UCP Directory.

I’d like to find out information about the Adopt-A-Highway program.

Information on IDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway and other community programs can be found on the Community Involvement page.

Where can I find traffic counts?

Traffic count information can be found online. More detailed Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) counts are available on IDOT’s interactive mapping application.

I’m looking for travel information to help me plan my trip.

Visit Getting Around Illinois where you have the ability to search and display several sources of transportation data. You can find information on winter road conditions, annual average daily traffic, road construction, trucking routes, and planned road projects. 

Where can I find real time traffic information?

Visit Travel Midwest or Getting Around Illinois for real time travel information.

Where can I find out about employment opportunities?

Information on employment opportunities throughout the state can be found on IDOT’s Employment page.

How do I obtain a state of Illinois map?

The Illinois Official Highway Map is available at all Illinois rest areas. You can also request a map online or by contacting us.

Where can I find tollway information?

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority is responsible for the tollway system in northeastern Illinois. More information can be obtained on the Illinois Toll Highway Authority website at

How can I find information about vehicle license plates, vehicle registrations or title transfers?

The Secretary of State is responsible for motorist services. More information can be obtained on the Secretary of State website at

How can I find out about upcoming road projects in my area?

The annual highway program, as well as the highways portion of the multi-year multi-modal program list out all planned projects by IDOT district.

How do I find out about IDOT events?

IDOT hosts or participates in hundreds of events each year. All types of IDOT-related events can be found on the IDOT events calendar. You can also sign up to receive emails based on your specific interests.

How do I obtain information on road closures?

Emergency and planned road closures can be found online or by calling 1-800-452-4368 (IDOT).

Where can I find construction information?

Construction information can be found on the Construction Releases page. Information is broken down by IDOT District. To find out what IDOT Region and District you are in, click on the interactive map here.

Where can I find information about IDOT lettings and procurements?

The Transportation Bulletin is the official publication for construction bids by IDOT's Division of Highways and Division of Aeronautics, as well as for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Letting information can also be obtained by joining a subscription list.

How do I view scheduled IDOT lettings remotely?

IDOT streams each letting via audio and/or video. This can be found on the IDOT website under Transportation Bulletin: Letting Webcast.

How do I submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request?

Information on the policies and procedures for submitting a FOIA is available online. E-mailed requests should be sent to, contain the request in the body of the e-mail, and indicate in the subject line of the e-mail that it contains a FOIA request. Faxed FOIA requests should be faxed to 217/524-0198, Attn.: FOIA Officer.

How do I report a pothole on a state-owned highway?

Motorists may report potholes on state highways online or by calling 1-800-452-4368 (IDOT).

How do I learn more about free motorcycle training offered by IDOT?

Illinois is one of two states to offer free motorcycle training. More information can be obtained online.

I was involved in a crash and was given a form to complete. How do I submit the form electronically?

Your report may be submitted online at the Illinois Motorist Report website.

IDOT was required by law to conduct a statewide study of traffic stops to collect data to identify racial bias. Where can I view these studies?

Information and data from the Illinois Traffic Stop studies is available online. Data is available from the date the study began (January 1, 2004).