Illinois residents, vistors and business rely on the state's network of highways, railroads, transit systems, airports and waterways to reach destinations in the safest, quickest, easiest, and most comfortable and cost-effective manner. The mode or modes we use should not matter, as long as our destination is reached successfully and effectively.

Each day, IDOT strives to ensure this objective is accomplished. We plan, program, design, implement, construct, maintain, operate, respond, repair, and rebuild. Innovation lives in each of these processes. It is IDOT’s responsibility to continue the greatness our predecessors have laid for today’s transportation system. Even though the foundation is in place, more work needs to be done to improve and make new connections among the modes. IDOT looks at transportation in Illinois and addresses emerging challenges and the needs of users to build a network that enhances quality of life and maintains global competitiveness by reducing congestion and increasing mobility.

Through hard work and the relationships our staff builds with transportation stakeholders and partners, IDOT will help Illinois and the nation move to a higher level of transportation service to help grow and stabilize the manufacturing industry, which will ultimately result in job creation, economic growth, and improved quality of life. Illinois and the nation’s residents, visitors, and businesses deserve a first rate transportation system that is resilient. IDOT is in the vanguard of this transportation improvement effort.


IDOT created the Office of Innovative Project Delivery in 2013 to help deliver transportation projects that meet the many needs of the state through innovative methods of delivery including partnering with the private sector on both technical and financial aspects.

Illinois High-Speed Rail Program

  • Is leading a multi-state effort to purchase next-generation locomotives for passenger rail service.

  • Has upgraded numerous rail crossings throughout the state, with more to come.

  • Is building a system that will support 110 mph train service from Chicago to St. Louis by 2017.

IDOT’s long-time partnership dating back to July 1941 with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign has resulted in a greatly expanded research program through the creation of the Illinois Center for Transportation in 2005. Through this partnership IDOT can initiate more transportation research as it interacts with world-class researchers to solve complex transportation problems and ultimately implement transformative solutions for the State of Illinois.