I-57 & IL 13 Single Point Urban Interchange & Morgan Ave. Diverging Diamond Interchange

The scope of work for this project involves several items. First the I-57 and IL Route 13 interchange will be reconstructed to a new Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) configuration. Interstate 57 will be widened to three through lanes in each direction within the project limits and the profile grade of I-57 will be raised in order to correct the existing low clearance (14’-4”) on IL 13. The new SPUI configuration allows for the completion of the Morgan Street interchange by braiding the ramps south of Morgan Avenue. The collector-distributor roads remain north of Morgan Avenue to combine ramps for IL Route 13 and Morgan Avenue (see detail below).


An additional through lane will also be added in each direction on IL 13. This additional through lane will connect to lane addition projects to the east and west of I-57 and will complete the lane expansion of IL 13 from 4 lanes to 6 lanes in the project area. Finally, general drainage improvements will be made throughout.

Morgan Ave. Diverging Diamond Interchange

The general scope of work for Morgan Avenue consists of constructing an additional structure for Morgan Avenue over I-57 and reconstructing the roadway to a Diverging Diamond configuration which includes, reconstructing the existing interchange ramp terminals, constructing interchange ramp terminals to the south of Morgan Avenue, revising/creating the roadway profile along Morgan Avenue, new curb and gutter, new storm sewers, new pedestrian accommodations, new center median, revised guardrail and signalization. The project limits are from Halfway Road/Champion Drive to Carbon Street. The first phase of the project, currently under construction, includes a two lane structure over I-57 and the embankment approaching and departing the structure. This structure is being constructed adjacent to the existing Morgan Avenue bridge which will remain in place and in service.

Proposed Improvement Exhibits

1. Aerial view of proposed I-57 & IL 13 Single Point Urban Interchange & Morgan Ave. Diverging Diamond (~43mb PDF)

2. Schematic of proposed I-57 & IL 13 Single Point Urban Interchange & Morgan Ave. Diverging Diamond (~346kb PDF)

3. Typical Sections of proposed Morgan Ave. Diverging Diamond (~80kb PDF)

4. Plan view of temporary diamond at I-57 & IL 13 (~348kb PDF)

5. Plan view of I-57 & IL 13 Single Point Urban Interchange (~426kb PDF)

6. Detail of I-57 & IL 13 bridge aesthetics (~135kb PDF)

7. Video drive through of Diverging Diamond Interchange and Single Point Urban Interchange (~44mb WMV Movie)

8. Morgan Ave. – West Preferred Alternate (~1.9mb PDF)

9. Morgan Ave. – East Preferred Alternate (~2mb PDF)

10. Morgan Ave. – Aerial view of Morgan Ave. Diverging Diamond Interchange  (~4.8mb PDF)

Photo Gallery