Illinois Traffic Records Coordinating Committee

The Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) provides executive direction on all matters related to the various Illinois Traffic Safety Information Systems and the Traffic Safety Information Systems Improvement Program within the state. Federal grant funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration allows the committee to provide assistance for new and/or existing relevant studies that improve programs that address roadway safety within Illinois.


The TRCC is comprised of members who have a collective interest in reducing traffic crashes and fatalities through the objectives and goals set by the TRCC and subcommittees.

The TRCC committee provides support:

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of efforts to make improvements to Illinois crash information systems.
  • To provide oversight to link state data systems within the state, such as systems that contain medical and economic data with crash information.
  • To provide oversight to investigate linking crash data to other crash data systems within the state with information relevant to crashes (i.e., medical or economical)
  • To ensure that all Traffic Safety Information System improvement projects meet or exceed the expectations of the above state purposes.
  • To provide oversight to the development of the state’s Traffic Safety Information System Strategic Plan.

Additional support is provided to the committee through three subcommittees:

Planning Subcommittee

The Planning Subcommittee was formed to encourage participation by all agencies involved in traffic records, to gain more participation from uninvolved agencies and to assist in planning the ITRCC’s quarterly meetings. The Planning Subcommittee encourages ITRCC members to submit 408 projects that fit within the strategic plan and assessment findings. Members of this committee review and rank the proposed 408 grant applications each year and notify the ITRCC members of the rankings so the body as a whole can determine which grants should be funded. The goals set by the subcommittee aid in the overall goals of the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee.

Data Quality Subcommittee

The state of Illinois has demonstrated an ability and desire to improve the quality of motor vehicle crash data, with the ultimate goals of: (1) achieving 100% electronic data collection and end-user access; (2) development of a complete, formal data quality management program; and, (3) broad accessibility of crash data and powerful analytic tools for all end-users. The Data Quality Subcommittee was formed to focus on actionable tasks to accomplish these goals. The subcommittee includes representatives from the Department, as well as other agencies who collect crash related data and end-users of our crash data, such as research institutions.

Engineering Factors Subcommittee

The Engineering Factors Subcommittee works for Illinois to have in place a safety data system with the ability to perform safety analysis and problem identification and countermeasure selection for all public roadways that is timely, accurate, complete, uniform, integrated, and accessible. This shall include the ability to perform analysis to identify severe crash locations, segments, and highway railroad grade crossings, as well as the prioritization of these based on safety performance, to perform systemic analysis to identify contributing factors, evaluate the effectiveness of safety improvements, and to establish performance measures and targets.

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Mehdi Nassirpour
ITRCC Coordinator
Illinois Department of Transportation
Division of Traffic Safety
2300 S. Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, Illinois 62764