For the Record

For the Record (FTR) is an annual report of the awards and obligations made by IDOT for the Annual Illinois Highway Improvement Program that is required annually by state statute (20 ILCS 2705/2705-200). The FTR includes improvements made to both the state and local highway systems, details the status of each project in the related annual program and lists projects added to the program and award in addition to the original set of projects.

The FY 2017 Proposed Improvements for Illinois Highways is the published annual program showing the projects IDOT planned to implement during the fiscal year. The FY 2017 Annual Highway Improvement Program totaled $2.148 billion, including $1.425 billion for improvements on the state system and $723 million for improvements on the local highways. As circumstances arose throughout the fiscal year, modifications were made to the program. After the annual program accounted for these modifications, the program was called the Adjusted Annual Program and totaled $2.569 billion. Of this Adjusted Annual Program, $1.891 billion was awarded during the fiscal year.

A total of 506 miles of roads, 149 bridges and 50 safety and traffic improvements were scheduled to be accomplished in the FY 2017 Annual Highway Improvement Program. In FY 2017, IDOT accomplished 760 miles of roads, 162 bridges and 128 safety and traffic improvements.


  • Part 1: Illinois Highway Program Accomplishments on the State System
  • Part 2: Illinois Highway Program Accomplishments on the Local System
  • Part 3: Summary of Local Benefits From State Assistance



For the Record projects can be viewed on an interactive map using IDOT’s Getting Around Illinois website. Please visit this site, click here, to view the current program’s projects.


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