Construction Memorandums


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Current Construction Memorandums

Construction Memorandums are issued by IDOT's Bureau of Construction to distribute policy information.

Special Instructions: The current memos are available for download. Users can download individual memos or all memos. To download an individual file to your hard drive click the link with the right mouse button, then choose "save target as." To view the file, click the link with the left mouse button. An index with links to all the current memos is also available. After downloading, the memo files and the index must be placed in the same directory.

Files are in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view these files.

1Purpose of Construction Memorandums, Index and Extension of Expiration Dates11/24/2003
4Authorization of Contract Changes9/10/2020
6Procedures for Local Agency Contracts Exempt From Federal Oversight1/1/2012
9Force Accounting Article 109.044/1/2021
14Labor Compliance - Federal-Aid Highway Projects8/23/2019
22Procedures for Applying the Bituminous Materials Cost Adjustment3/1/2009
24Equal Employment Opportunity Contract Provisions and District Responsibilities3/1/2006
30Policies and Procedures for Approval of Subcontractors12/12/2019
33Operational Review of Contract Quantities5/1/2012
39Transportation or Operation of Heavy Equipment on Pavement or Bridges Within the Contract Limits - Article 107.164/1/2006
40Rubblizing PCC Pavement and Placing a Bituminous Concrete Overlay6/1/2001
46Field Control of Railroad and Utility Adjustments6/4/2002
57Plan Preparation and Field Location of Utilities5/31/2002
61Guidelines for Establishing and Administering Agreements for Consultant Construction Engineering Services8/1/2018
70Preconstruction Conference Guidelines8/15/2003
77Winter Shutdown Procedures11/15/2001
78Bridge Deck Patching5/31/2002
80Interest for Late Payments1/1/2012
81District Construction Project File Requirements11/30/2018
83Disadvantage Business Enterprise Trucking Goal Credit Documentation4/1/2015
84Errors and Omissions Discovered in Consultant Developed Plans3/15/2017
85Small Fasteners Less Than 1/2" In Diameter (REPEALED)2/1/2016
87Domestic Source Requirements for Small Fasteners less than 1/2" in Diameter5/1/2016
88Domestic Source Requirements for Steel Tie Wire5/1/2016
89Final DBE Goal Good Faith Effort Determination8/15/2019
90Policies and procedures for monitoring IL F-Shape Temporary Concrete Barrier2/3/2020
91Material Allowance for Unfabricated Structural Steel10/22/2020
92Illinois Works Jobs Program Act and Illinois Works Apprenticeship Initiative6/29/2021