Design and Environment (BDE) Special Provisions


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Design and Environment (BDE) Special Provisions

IDOT's Bureau of Design and Environment (BDE) issues the BDE Special Provisions four times a year. They are inserted into contracts as they apply.

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November 5, 2021 Lettings Check Sheet
Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)4/1/20034/1/2020
Aggregate Subgrade Improvement4/1/20124/1/2016
Automated Flagger Assistance Device1/1/2008 
Bituminous Materials Cost Adjustments11/2/20068/1/2017
Bituminous Surface Treatment with Fog Seal1/1/2020
Blended Finely Divided Minerals4/1/2021
Bridge Demolition Debris7/1/2009 
Building Removal – Case I (Non-Friable and Friable Asbestos)9/1/19904/1/2010
Building Removal – Case II (Non-Friable Asbestos)9/1/19904/1/2010
Building Removal – Case III (Friable Asbestos)9/1/19904/1/2010
Building Removal – Case IV (No Asbestos)9/1/19904/1/2010
Cape Seal1/1/20201/1/2021
Compensable Delay Costs6/2/20174/1/2019
Completion Date (via calendar days)4/1/2008 
Completion Date (via calendar days) Plus Working Days4/1/2008 
Concrete Box Culverts with Skews > 30 Degrees and Design Fills ≤ 5 Feet4/1/20127/1/2016
Concrete End Sections for Pipe Culverts1/1/20134/1/2016
Construction Air Quality – Diesel Retrofit7/1/201011/1/2014
Contrast Preformed Plastic Pavement Marking11/1/2017
Corrugated Plastic Pipe (Culvert and Storm Sewer)1/1/2021
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation9/1/20003/2/2019
Disposal Fees11/1/2018
Dowel Bar Inserter1/1/20171/1/2018
Electric Service Installation1/1/2020
Emulsified Asphalts8/1/2019
Engineer’s Field Office and Laboratory1/1/2020
Fuel Cost Adjustment4/1/20098/1/2017
Geotechnical Fabric for Pipe Underdrains and French Drains11/1/2019
Geotextile Retaining Walls11/1/2019
Green Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Markings1/1/2021
Grooving for Recessed Pavement Markings11/1/201211/1/2020
High Tension Cable Median Barrier1/1/202011/1/2020
Hot-Mix Asphalt - Binder and Surface Course7/2/201911/1/2019
Hot-Mix Asphalt – Longitudinal Joint Sealant8/1/201811/1/2019
Hot-Mix Asphalt – Mixture Design Verification and Production (Modified for I-FIT)1/1/20197/1/2021
Hot-Mix Asphalt - Pay for Performance Using Percent Within Limits-Jobsite Sampling11/1/20147/2/2019
Hot-Mix Asphalt - Quality Control for Performance4/1/20177/2/2019
Luminaries, LED4/1/20197/1/2021
Manholes, Valve Vaults, and Flat Slab Tops1/1/20183/1/2019
Material Transfer Device6/15/19998/1/2014
Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Walls11/1/201911/1/2020
Micro-Surfacing and Slurry Sealing1/1/20201/1/2021
Obstruction Warning Luminaries, LED8/1/2019
Portland Cement Concrete - Haul Time7/1/2020
Portland Cement Concrete Bridge Deck Curing4/1/201511/1/2019
Portland Cement Concrete Patching7/1/2020
Portland Cement Concrete Placement7/1/2020
Preformed Plastic Pavement Marking Type D - Inlaid4/1/20124/1/2016
Railroad Protective Liability Insurance12/1/19861/1/2006
Railroad Protective Liability Insurance (5 and 10)1/1/2006
Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles (RAS)11/1/20121/2/2021
Removal and Disposal of Regulated Substances1/1/20191/1/2020
Silt Fence, Inlet Filters, Ground Stabilization and Riprap Filter Fabric11/1/20197/1/2021
Sloped Metal End Section for Pipe Culverts1/1/2018
Speed Display Trailer4/2/20141/1/2017
Steel Cost Adjustment4/2/20048/1/2017
Steel Plate Beam Guardrail Manufacturing1/1/2019
Structural Timber8/1/2019
Subcontractor and DBE Payment Reporting4/2/2018
Subcontractor Mobilization Payments11/2/20174/1/2019
Submission of Payroll Records4/1/2021
Surface Testing of Pavements – IRI1/1/20214/1/2021
Temporary Pavement Marking4/1/20124/1/2017
Traffic Control Devices - Cones1/1/2019
Traffic Spotters1/1/2019
Training Special Provisions10/15/1975 
Traversable Pipe Grate for Concrete End Sections1/1/20131/1/2018
Ultra-Thin Bonded Wearing Course4/1/2020
Vehicle and Equipment Warning Lights11/1/2021
Warm Mix Asphalt1/1/20124/1/2016
Waterproofing Membrane System11/1/2021
Weekly DBE Trucking Reports6/2/201211/1/2021
Wood Fence Sight Screen8/1/20194/1/2020
Work Zone Traffic Control Devices3/2/2020
Working Days1/1/2002