Champaign County - I-57/I-74 Reconstruction Project


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Interstate 57 & Interstate 74 Interchange Reconstruction

The current cloverleaf interchange will be entirely replaced with the construction of 11 new bridge structures, including two flyover structures in the middle of the interchange as shown in this project conceptual rendering

Project Overview

I-57/74 Interchange Rehabilitation Project Flyer

The I-57/74 interchange located just west of Champaign was built in 1965 and has experienced operational issues due to deficient geometric features. The multi-year rehabilitation project is a culmination of four related projects, rebuilding a critical regional freight juncture that handles almost 40,000 vehicles per day. The project is made possible by Gov. Pritzker's historic, bipartisan Rebuild Illinois capital program.

Two preliminary projects include:

Mattis Avenue bridge replacements over I-57/74

  • The project started Summer 2020 and completed the week of Aug. 9.
  • COST: $21.1 MILLION

U.S. 150 bridge replacement over I-57

  • The project started Summer 2020 with completion the week of Sept. 9.
  • COST: $8.4 MILLION

The third of the four projects broke ground on Aug. 23, 2021 costing $125.8 million with a completion date in 2023. The project will completely reconfigure and replace the traditional cloverleaf interchange with the construction of 11 new bridge structures, including two flyover structures in the middle of the interchange and new ramp pavements.

This will improve traffic flow, efficiency and safety by eliminating conflict points and reducing turning movements.

A third, auxiliary lane also will be added to both directions of I-74 between Prospect Avenue and Duncan Road. Some green spaces will be restored with native grass to cut down on future planting. Other improvements include LED lighting and metalizing the structural steel to minimize future painting.

The fourth related project will start in 2022 with completion anticipated in 2025.

The total I-57/74 interchange investment will be an estimated $216.8 million.



What is the purpose of the project?

Both bridges involved with the project are in advanced stages of deterioration and are due for replacement. This also allows the department to lengthen both structures in order to accommodate new ramps that will run underneath them for the future I-57/I-74 interchange reconstruction.

What is the biggest benefits to the project?

The new bridge structures will increase safety for travelers in the area and accommodate a new ramp configuration for the new interchange.

What is the current traffic volume?

The Average Daily Traffic for each route is as follows:

I-57 – (south of 74) – 36,100

I-57 – (North of 74) – 23,000

I-74 – (under Mattis Ave) – 41,400

Mattis Ave (over I-74) – 16,100

Mattis Ave (over I-57) – 5,800

US 150 – 7,400

How much does the project cost?

The total project cost for both structures is $29,217,217 and is split between two contracts.

Contract 70B38 (Mattis) - $20,849,839

Contract 70B98 (US 150) - $8,367,378

What is the estimated finish time?

We anticipate completion of both structures by August of 2021.

Are there any closures planned for this project?

Periodic nighttime closures of the interstates will be needed for both contracts to safely remove and erect the bridge beams. This will only be allowed at night (10pm to 6am, Sunday through Thursday), and a detour will be setup during those times. All other times, at least one lane will remain open to traffic.

Cardinal Road and Midwest Court will be closed during portions of this project as well, with detours posted during those time periods.

Are there any major existing road or environment hurdles that will be faced?


Are there any major milestones over the course of the project?

Each project is being done in two stages, so one major milestone will be when each structure changes sides and construction begins on stage 2.

How will the project affect my regular commute?

Mattis over I-57 and US 150 over I-57 will be controlled by temporary bridge signals. Please allow a few extra minutes to your commute if you take these routes.

What impact will this have on the public transit system?

This project should have little to no impact on mass transit as traffic lanes will always be open during daytime running hours.

Will school bus routes be affected?


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