SSM Programs


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39% of all motorcyclists killed in fatal crashes had a BAC of .01 or higher.  Don’t Drink & Ride emphasizes the importance of riding sober.
This program focuses on public motorist awareness of motorcycles. Motorcycles are small and harder to see, we encourage everyone to Look Twice to Save a Life.

M Class
More than 20 percent of all motorcyclists do not ride with the proper classification.  Class M encourages riders to make sure they are riding legally.

Ride Smart
This all-encompassing program encourages motorcycle riders to make safe choices and wear proper safety gear.  
This program recognizes and emphasizes the importance of wearing a helmet while riding. It recognizes survivors of potentially fatal crashes who were wearing a DOT-Certified helmet and other protective gear.
A public outreach program where various motorcycling community groups work face to face with the motoring public. The goal is to bring awareness of motorcycles by washing windows at rest areas in May.