Emergency Traffic Patrol


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Emergency Traffic Patrol

Keeping Illinois roadways safe is IDOT’s highest priority. A single disabled vehicle on the road can cause serious traffic tie-ups and significant delays for other motorists. As part of IDOT’s 24-hour-a-day commitment, IDOT's Chicago area Emergency Traffic Patrol (ETP) and Metro-East area Emergency Patrol Vehicle (EPV) programs, respectively, dispatch teams of emergency patrol vehicles and drivers to traffic disruptions and potential safety problems caused by accidents, disabled vehicles or hazardous debris. 

The primary objective of the ETP/EPV workers, also referred to as "Minutemen," is to respond to all disruptive incidents on the state’s busiest urban expressway systems and to take immediate corrective action to safely restore normal traffic flow. Minutemen then execute help that motorists need when breakdowns or mishaps occur.

IDOT’s Highway Maintainers, outside of Chicago and the Metro-East, also assist with traffic incidents across the state. If you are in the Metro-East area, you can also call 911 for help.


To view coverage areas patrolled by Minutemen, please access the map below.