Design and Environment (BDE) Special Provisions

IDOT's Bureau of Design and Environment (BDE) issues the BDE Special Provisions four times a year. They are inserted into contracts as they apply.

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NameEffective DateRevised Date
July 29 and September 16, 2016 Lettings  
Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)4/1/20031/1/2014
Aggregate Subgrade Improvement4/1/20124/1/2016
Automated Flagger Assistance Device1/1/2008 
Bituminous Materials Cost Adjustments11/2/20067/1/2015
Bridge Demolition Debris7/1/2009 
Building Removal – Case I (Non-Friable and Friable Asbestos)9/1/19904/1/2010
Building Removal – Case II (Non-Friable Asbestos)9/1/19904/1/2010
Building Removal – Case III (Friable Asbestos)9/1/19904/1/2010
Building Removal – Case IV (No Asbestos)9/1/19904/1/2010
Butt Joints7/1/2016 
Coarse Aggregate Quality7/1/2015 
Completion Date (via calendar days)4/1/2008 
Completion Date (via calendar days) Plus Working Days4/1/2008 
Concrete Box Culverts with Skews > 30 Degrees and Design Fills ≤ 5 Feet4/1/20127/1/2016
Concrete End Sections for Pipe Culverts1/1/20134/1/2016
Concrete Mix Design – Department Provided1/1/20124/1/2016
Construction Air Quality – Diesel Retrofit7/1/201011/1/2014
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation9/1/20001/2/2016
Engineer's Field Office4/1/2016 
Equal Employment Opportunity4/1/2015 
Errata For 2016 Standard Specifications4/1/2016 
Fuel Cost Adjustment4/1/20097/1/2015
Grooving for Recessed Pavement Markings11/1/20128/1/2014
Hot-Mix Asphalt – Density Testing of Longitudinal Joints1/1/20104/1/2016
Hot-Mix Asphalt - Pay for Performance Using Percent Within Limits-Jobsite Sampling11/1/20144/1/2016
Light Poles7/1/2016 
Light Tower7/1/2016 
Longitudinal Joint and Crack Patching4/1/20144/1/2016
Mast Arm Assembly and Pole7/1/2016 
Material Transfer Device6/15/19998/1/2014
Mechanical Side Tie Bar Inserter8/1/20144/1/2016
Mechanical Splicers7/1/2016 
Moisture Cured Urethane Paint System11/1/20061/1/2010
Overhead Sign Structures Certification of Metal Fabricator11/1/20154/1/2016
Pavement Marking Blackout Tape11/1/20144/1/2016
Pavement Marking Removal7/1/2016 
Pavement Marking Tape Type IV4/1/20124/1/2016
Pedestrian Push Button4/1/2016 
Preventive Maintenance - Bituminous Surface Treatment (A-1)1/1/20097/1/2016
Preventive Maintenance - Cape Seal1/1/20097/1/2016
Preventive Maintenance - Micro-Surfacing1/1/20097/1/2016
Preventive Maintenance - Slurry Seal1/1/20097/1/2016
Portland Cement Concrete Bridge Deck Curing4/1/20157/1/2016
Portland Cement Concrete Inlay or Overlay1/1/20154/1/2016
Portland Cement Concrete Partial Depth Hot-Mix Asphalt Patching4/1/20144/1/2016
Preformed Plastic Pavement Marking Type D - Inlaid4/1/20124/1/2016
Progress Payments11/2/2013 
Railroad Protective Liability Insurance12/1/19861/1/2006
Railroad Protective Liability Insurance (5 and 10)1/1/2006 
Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles (RAS)11/1/20124/1/2016
Speed Display Trailer4/2/20144/1/2016
Steel Cost Adjustment4/2/20047/1/2015
Steel Slag in Trench Backfill1/1/2016 
Surface Testing of Hot-Mix Asphalt Overlays1/1/20134/1/2016
Temporary Concrete Barrier1/1/20157/1/2015
Training Special Provisions10/15/1975 
Traversable Pipe Grate1/1/20134/1/2014
Warm Mix Asphalt1/1/20124/1/2016
Weekly DBE Trucking Reports6/2/20124/2/2015
Wet Reflective Thermoplastic Pavement Marking1/1/2012 
Working Days1/1/2002