Guide Bridge Special Provisions (GBSP)

GBSP's have been developed by IDOT's Bureau of Bridges and Structures in an effort to simplify the work involved in producing Special Provisions for items of work commonly associated with the design and construction of structures.

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Revised: August 9, 2019
Effective: as of November 8, 2019 letting

GBSP NO.Title Effective DateRevised Date
N/AIndex/Check Sheet 08/09/2019
4Polymer Modified Portland Cement Mortar6/7/199404/01/2016
12Drainage System6/10/199406/24/2015
13High Load Multi-Rotational Bearings10/13/198804/01/2016
14Jack and Remove Existing Bearings4/20/199404/13/2018
15Three Sided Precast Concrete Structure7/12/199412/21/2016
16Jacking Existing Superstructure1/11/199304/13/2018
17Bonded Preformed Joint Seal7/12/199408/09/2019
18Modular Expansion Joint5/19/199408/09/2019
21Cleaning and Painting Contact Surface Areas of Existing Steel Structures6/30/200308/09/2019
25Cleaning and Painting Existing Steel Structures10/2/200104/22/2016
26Containment and Disposal of Lead Paint Cleaning Residues10/2/200104/22/2016
28Deck Slab Repair5/15/199504/13/2018
29Bridge Deck Microsilica Concrete Overlay5/15/199503/01/2019
30Bridge Deck Latex Concrete Overlay5/15/199510/20/2017
31Bridge Deck High-Reactivity Metakaolin (HRM) Concrete Overlay1/21/200003/01/2019
33Pedestrian Truss Superstructure1/13/199812/29/2014
34Concrete Wearing Surface6/23/199410/04/2016
35Silicone Bridge Joint Sealer8/1/199510/15/2011
45Bridge Deck Thin Polymer Overlay5/7/199702/06/2013
51Pipe Underdrain for Structures5/17/200001/22/2010
53Structural Repair of Concrete3/15/200608/09/2019
55Erection of Curved Steel Structures6/1/2007 
56Setting Piles in Rock11/14/199604/01/2016
59Diamond Grinding and Surface Testing Bridge Sections12/6/200403/29/2017
60Containment and Disposal of Non-Lead Paint Cleaning Residues11/25/200404/22/2016
61Slipform Parapet6/1/200703/01/2019
67Structural Assessment Reports for Contractor’s Means and Methods3/6/200910/05/2015
71Aggregate Column Ground Improvement1/15/200910/15/2011
72Bridge Deck Fly Ash or GGBF Slag Concrete Overlay1/18/201103/01/2019
75Bond Breaker for Prestressed Concrete Bulb-T Beams4/19/2012 
77Weep Hole Drains for Abutments, Wingwalls, Retaining Walls and Culverts4/19/201210/22/2013
78Bridge Deck Construction10/22/201312/21/2016
79Bridge Deck Grooving (Longitudinal)12/29/201403/29/2017
81Membrane Waterproofing System for Buried Structures10/04/201603/01/2019
82Metallizing of Structural Steel10/04/201610/20/2017
83Hot Dip Galvanizing For Structural Steel 10/04/201610/20/2017
86Drilled Shafts10/5/201510/04/2016
87Lightweight Cellular Concrete Fill11/11/200104/01/2016
88Corrugated Structural Plate Structures04/22/2016 04/13/2018
89Preformed Pavement Joint Seal10/04/201603/01/2019
90Three Sided Precast Concrete Structure (Special)12/21/201604/13/2018
91Crosshole Sonic Logging Testing of Drilled Shafts04/20/201608/09/2019
92Thermal Integrity Profile Testing of Drilled Shafts04/20/2016
93Preformed Bridge Joint Seal12/21/201603/01/2019
94Warranty for Cleaning and Painting Steel Structures03/03/200011/24/2004
95Bituminous Coated Aggregate Slopewall04/13/2018
96Erection of Bridge Girders Over or Adjacent to Railroads08/09/2019