Economic Development Program

Due to the FY 2018 budget reductions, IDOT will not be accepting new applications for the Economic Development Program. We will update this page when the program resumes. Funding levels and criteria are being reevaluated to ensure that the projects selected are the most beneficial for the limited funding available.

The purpose of the EDP is to provide state assistance in improving highway access to new or expanding industrial, distribution or tourism developments. The intent is to make available state matching funds that will be a positive contribution in the location-selection process and to target those projects which will expand the state's existing job base or create new employment opportunities. The focus of the program is on the retention and creation of permanent full-time jobs. Funding will be available to construct highway facilities that provide direct access to industrial, distribution or tourism developments. The program is designed to assist in those situations where development of these types of facilities is imminent. Projects which only improve opportunities for development or are speculative in nature are not eligible for EDP funding. Projects providing access to retail establishments, office parks, government facilities or school/universities are not eligible for EDP funding.


For more information on this program, please contact:

Todd Smith
Bureau of Statewide Program Planning
IDOT, 2300 S. Dirksen Parkway, Rm. 307
Springfield, IL 62764
(217) 785-8643