Economic Development Program

The Economic Development Program (EDP) will start accepting applications on October 01, 2018.

The purpose of the EDP grant is to provide state assistance for roadway improvements or new construction that are necessary for access to new or expanding industrial, manufacturing or distribution type companies. Funding will include preliminary engineering, construction, construction engineering and contingencies. The focus of the program is on the creation and retention of permanent full-time jobs. Projects which only improve opportunities for future development or are speculative in nature are not eligible. This is not a competitive program however; the funding commitment is based on how many jobs will be created and/or retained. The company must commit to creating new employment and/or retaining employment in Illinois. Funding amounts for each project are determined by the number of NEW and RETAINED jobs provided on form PRO 2100 (Rev. 05/25/18).

Applicants will receive a contributed portion from the state (IL): $30,000 for every NEW job created and $10,000 for every job RETAINED up to a maximum CAP of $2 million.

The EDP grant recipient must be in compliance with the Public Act 93-552 (Corporate Accountability for Tax Expenditures Act). Performance is measured and the sponsor is in compliance when the company which benefited from the roadway project completes their Employee Reporting Form annually for five years from the executed date of the Local Agency/IDOT Agreement. All annual progress reports can be completed on-line through the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) which monitors the annual compliance of the job creation/retention requirement when sponsors receive EDP funding. For the purpose of EDP, companies are advised to enter into agreement with the sponsor to ensure that these reporting requirements are fulfilled. Performance is also measured when the Notice of Job Completion is given to IDOT showing the project has been finished. The employment levels committed by companies must be created and retained over the five-year reporting period required by Public Act 93-552. If these commitments are not met, the Department will review the project funding. If reasonable justification for non-performance of the commitments is not provided, the sponsor will be required to repay the EDP funding to the Department in total or an appropriate pro rata sum commensurate with the circumstances of the situation.

The EDP program uses state only funds and is designed to provide 50% state funding for eligible locally owned roadways and 100% state funding for roadway improvements on state owned routes. The remaining 50% match will be provided by local government entities or private sources. Some examples of local agency matching fund sources are: MFT funds, other state grants, federal EDA grants, or money from the company donated to the local agency. This program allows the department to contribute up to a maximum of $2 million to local economic development projects. Due to the program's overall size, costs beyond the $2 million project limit must be absorbed by the local community, company or developer. Preliminary Engineering (PE) cost estimates must be completed prior to applying for or being approved for EDP funds. Through this entire process, the proposed project still needs to meet all State and Federal standards before construction can begin.

The commitment of EDP funds is contingent upon fulfillment of the commitments to business investments and job creation/retention represented to the Department by applicants and recipient businesses. Any substantial modifications to these commitments, change in location or the failure of the businesses to make firm commitment to this site will cause Department's commitment to be reevaluated.

In order to apply and receive a copy of the Uniform Application for State Grant Assistance form, contact Todd A. Smith, 2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Room 308, Springfield, Illinois 62674. Phone (217) 785-8643 or email If you have general GATA questions, ,  or email

Questions regarding engineering elements of the project, please call your appropriate District Local Roads Engineer where the project resides:

District 1: Chris Holt (847) 705-4201
District 2: Tony Baratta (815) 284-5381
District 3: Don Ernat (815) 434-8495
District 4: Tony Sassine (309) 671-3690
District 5: Brian Trygg (217) 466-7252
District 6: Chris Isbell (217) 782-4690
District 7: Sherry Philips (217) 342-8321
District 8: Jim Mollet (618) 346-3330
District 9: Travis Emery (618) 351-5260