Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture and Strategic Plan

Project Updates

The final Illinois Statewide ITS Strategic Plan has been completed, and can be viewed on the Documents page. Developed through extensive stakeholder outreach, this Strategic Plan recommends a direction for the planning and deployment of statewide and interregional ITS projects across Illinois over the next ten years. The plan also provides direction for the development of regional ITS initiatives based on identified stakeholder issues.

The FHWA is conducting a T3 Training Session on "Federal Requirements for Regional ITS Architectures" as part of its Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program. This topic is of particular significance to those regions that are currently completing their regional ITS architectures. A previous course archive, including PowerPoint slides and the audio recording of the session, can be found on the PCB archive web site.

AASHTO, ITE, and NEMA are pleased to announce that no-cost copies of the NTCIP standards are available from the NTCIP Web site. The available "no-cost" standards are those that have been jointly approved and published. This special offer is made possible by funding from the FHWA's Joint Program Office, and will only be available for a limited, 12-month period.

The first of two project newsletters is now available. This newsletter gives an overview of the project, including an overview of ITS in Illinois, and a complete project update.

Project Overview

First and foremost, IDOT and partner agencies are seeking to improve the movement of goods and people throughout the state through the continued implementation of ITS strategies, technologies, and infrastructure. The deployment of these ITS projects will make the Illinois transportation system safer, better coordinated, and more efficient. In addition, by taking a cooperative multi-agency approach, the Department and partner agencies will be able to better integrate ITS efforts beyond their boundaries and pool funds to deploy ITS projects that benefit the State of Illinois and the Midwest as a whole.

In order to use federal funds for ITS project development and deployment, the U.S. Department of Transportation has adopted a rule that requires all states and metropolitan areas to develop an ITS Architecture no later than April 8, 2005. The primary goal of the Illinois Statewide ITS Strategic Plan and Architecture project is to satisfy this federal requirement.

This initiative will prepare a Statewide ITS Strategic Plan and Architecture for Illinois that will incorporate ITS efforts underway or completed throughout Illinois, and identify the affected parties as stakeholders throughout the state. By documenting and understanding the requirements of IDOT and partner agencies, ITS services can be identified and a concept of operations developed that will guide IDOT and its partner agencies in deploying ITS strategies and technologies throughout the state. A key part of this project is to provide technical assistance to metropolitan planning organizations and IDOT districts throughout the state as they develop regional ITS architectures that are both tailored to local conditions and needs and consistent with the Statewide ITS Architecture.

By mid-2005, the following primary project tasks will be completed:

  1. Collect and Review Relevant Existing Inventory Documentation
  2. Conduct Outreach and Stakeholder Participation Activities
  3. Develop a Statewide ITS Architecture and Strategic Plan
  4. Prepare a Communications Infrastructure Inventory and Assessment
  5. Develop a Maintenance Plan for the Statewide and Regional ITS Architectures
  6. Provide Technical Assistance in the Development of Regional ITS Architectures

The initial project focus will be on developing the Statewide ITS Architecture, which will then be used by each of the regions beginning in the fall of 2004 as a starting point in developing regional ITS architectures. Development of the Statewide ITS Strategic Plan will begin in summer of 2004 and be completed in 2005.

IDOT has engaged a consultant team headed by Edwards and Kelcey for assistance in conducting this project. The Team also includes Trichord, Inc., URS Corporation, and Wilson Consulting.

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Stakeholders / Project Team

The link below depicts the Illinois Statewide ITS Stakeholders as well as those serving on the Steering Committee and the Technical Committee.

Illinois Statewide ITS Stakeholders


Task 1 - Technical Review of Existing Documentation

Task 2 - Outreach and Stakeholder Participation

Task 3 - Initial Phase Statewide Strategic Plan & Architecture and Regional Architectures Task 4 - Communications Infrastructure Inventory and Assessment Task 5 - Architecture Maintenance and Operating Plan Task 6 - Technical Assistance in the Development of Regional ITS Architectures Illinois Project Resources