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In accordance with 49 Code of Federal Regulations 26.45(g), the Illinois Department of Transportation is to provide an opportunity for public participation in establishing its overall Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goal. This is accomplished by making the goal setting methodology and rationale available for public inspection.

For federal fiscal years 2022-2024, IDOT is recommending an overall DBE goal for this period of 17 percent. IDOT expects to meet 1.8 percent of this goal through race-neutral means and 15.2 percent through race-conscious means.

The Overall DBE Goal-Setting Methodology Report is included for public inspection and public comments are welcome.

Public comments pertaining to this goal recommendation can be emailed to DOT.DBEPublicComment@illinois.gov no later than close of business on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Quick Links

The links below are a directory of DBE related resources. 

  • DBE Certification: In order to participate in the DBE program a firm must be certified.
  • DBE Supportive Services: This service is provided at no charge to firms seeking IDOT DBE certification, to IDOT certified DBE firms, to IL UCP DBE certified firms who have an IDOT contract and to prime contractors doing business with IDOT.
  • DBE WorkshopsIDOT strives to bring new and innovative workshops, seminars, and informative webinars to the public to assist them in doing business with IDOT, developing skills to becoming more competitive on IDOT projects, and to be aware of policy and procedure changes.
  • DBE FAQ: Frequently asked questions regarding the DBE program.
  • ILUCP DBE Directory: A listing of all certified DBE firms' name, address, contact information, work categories and work location preferences.
  • Today's Challenge Tomorrow's Reward Conference: IDOT’s annual “Today’s Challenge, Tomorrow’s Reward” (TCTR) Conference provides opportunities for DBEs and subcontractors to network with prime contractors and acquire information on programs, policy changes, strategic networking, best practices and specific skill development. .